Virtuemart e-commerce

With Virtuemart you will have an unlimited number of products with nested categories. You can sell products from multiple manufacturers, show dimensions, long and short descriptions.

eShop e-commerce

With eShop you will have a fully functioning e-commerce solution. You can sell products from multiple manufacturers, show dimensions, long and short descriptions. This system is best for smaller shops that do not require the robust functionality that Virtuemart provides.

Your Shoppers and Store Owners benefits

Shoppers will be delighted by the speed, add to cart buttons in the category browse view, and simple checkout found using a Virtuemart store. Shop owners will notice the enhanced backend speed and simplified customfields. Shop builders will find a lot more tools to fulfill the wishes of their customers. Also:

  • Product descriptions with detail and show related products
  • Customer reviews and feed-back options plus offer coupon codes
  • Check out as guest or create an account and with a one-page checkout
  • Add customers to E-Newsletter automically as well as send timed reminder/thank you emails

Payment Methods

The Payment Methods Manager gives you the flexibility to offer many ways to process orders. Method types include HTML-Form based such as PayPal, Payment Processors for credit cards and bank debit. You can process orders using all major credit cards directly on your Website or send the customer to a third party for the transaction such as PayPal.


Shoppers can be managed in groups. Shopper groups allows you to create customised discounts, price display, payment/shipment methods and similar. The system has a powerful built in calculator. This unified calculator does all the discounts, tax and currency handling. It is rule based and works with different conditions for applying a rule.


  • Provide various shipment methods
  • The system will log and assist you in the invoicing process
  • Individual employee rights to functions
  • Control stock and automatically show "out-of-stock" as well as notify merchants to re-stock.



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