Standard Features

A Joomla Connections Website will allow you to create and maintain a site faster and easier than ever before. You will create and edit editing information in minutes and a "Connections" site let's your organization maintain the site directly. Use as many staff as you wish and even assign specific areas of the Website to specific staff. Your site will be a current as you wish. Our Web site solution of choice is Joomla Content Management System (CMS) but in some cases WordPress may be appropriate. It is widely used throughout the world by small and large Corporations, non-profits and individuals. Highly customizable yet easy to add, edit and delete content.

Common Website Features:

Automate publishing by time stamping with day and time that you would like content to appear and disappear.

WYSIWYG Editor - "What You See Is What You Get" editing allows you to update a web page just like typing in a word processor. You do not know what HTML means? You do not need to know but if you prefer HTML editing you can turn the WYSIWYG editor "off".

Upload and organize your images, flash files, real-times files right from within the editor. Drag and re size images just like in a word processor.

Your Choice of Editors -- No editor, TinyMCE, JCE and more...Template-controlled appearance of your site. Just click and an installed template and change the look and feel of your site in an instant.

Multiple levels of users - let customers become registered users while your staff can be authors, editors, publishers and administrators. All with varied levels of permissions.

Edit the site from the Front-end  or an administrative end.No need to use Microsoft Frontpage, Macromedia Dreamweaver or any other Web Development Software.

Added functionality at no extra cost! Joomla Connections will extend the features of Joomla CMS by adding functions such as blogging, Events Calendar, document storage, and much more at no extra cost. Because of our relationships with other Joomla CMS developers, we are able to provide this value added service to our customers. For example the Events Calendars - A calender feature that includes a mini-calendar, upcoming events and full sized calendar. Create categories of events and provide levels of access to specific categories. Link the event to a registration module so that your customers can register for a specific event electronically.

Photo Galleries - Just upload your images in newly created gallery folders have a fantastic interface to view images. The pictures are automatically resized and optimized for web use. Thumbnail galleries and album navigation are created automatically.

Electronic Forms via RSForms Extension at no additional charge- Create electronic versions of your paper forms.  No HTML needed. Send the results of your forms to specific staff members for processing.

Have a document repository to share files with your staff and customers. Post "PDF" files as well as any file format including Microsoft formats and even executable files if you wish. Access can be set for these files based on the user permission.

Electronic Newsletters functionality at no extra charge! Provide subscriptions to as many newsletters as you wish - Do Mass Mailing to sponsors or for fund raising. Let your customers know about new products etc...

Create drafts (versioning) - create your content but save it as unpublished. After you proof read it or have another staff member approve the content, then publish it instantly.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Friendly (SEF) features for no extra charge as a hosting maintenance customer! Comprehensive statistics of you Website with graphs.

Create an Intranet within you Website just for staff. Have special menus just for staff that only appear on the screen after that person log in to the site.

Make your Website an interactive destination. Give your users a reason to visit your Internet Office.Complete Media Support - FlashTM, MP3s, Windows media files®, and more.

CSS Support - Support for Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

RSS Feeds - Allow parents and community members to keep track of the latest website updates using RSS.

Blogs - Working on a long-term project, allow the team members to keep a running account using a blog.

Community or Business Directory - Build a Directory of Community Organizations, Artists, or Business. Let these organizations enter their own content and manage it with your approval.

Provide Google Maps from within your content.

Provide Social Bookmarking for specific content.Offer Commenting on content.



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