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What is Joomla?®

Joomla Connections uses the award winning open source website software Joomla!

Which has an estimated user base of 30 million, being open source has a number of distinct advantages as opposed to proprietary software.

Joomla CMS is open source software supported by Open Source Matters a non-profit organization. This software is under the GPL License and non-proprietary. This means you own your Web site completely and are not tied to any company. We recommend Joomla CMS for this reason. Joomla Connections will assist you in the planning and implementation of your site including migrated from traditional html sites, proprietory systems or Wordpress and Drupal sites. We provide one-on-one training for your staff. The goal of our Company is to provide professional Joomla installations which provide functionality, security and full back-up protection. Make your Website an interactive destination on the Internet and not just an archive of outdated information about your organization!

First there is the cost perspective, or should we say no cost perspective as Joomla! is free. Secondly with such a large user base there are thousands of components that can be used for your organization.

Out of the box features

Designed to be easy to install and set up, even if you're not an advanced user. Start publishing your articles, blog posts immediately. Assign specific categories of articles, different functions of the website to various users.

Your basic site will be operational quickly and with built in security.

Our customers

You have the option to have these commercial extensions added to your website as part of the maintenance and care of your website:

  • An enhanced test editor
  • Electronic forms component
  • Calendar functionality
  • Additional secure with an enhanced firewall
  • Backup system
  • Page builder