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Professional Training

The single most important aspect of our service goal is to provide the very best assistance, training and products. We want to be your long term service provider and want to build a solid business relationship with our clients. Our business modal functions well when potential customers select Joomla Connections because they want quality at affordable pricing as well as want a partnership in the success of their Website. Part of that commitment includes education.


Joomla Connections currently offers on-site as well as Webinar training. The training is structure to accommodate the client, meaning we normally provide 3 to 4 hour sessions for up to 4 students at the customers location. A complete syllabus has been developed with a progression of learning levels that in total will take 21 hours. This training is all encompassing and goes beyond just the focus of Joomla.


Webinars allow the trainer and students to share computer screens, U.S. Toll-free telephone conference, In-meeting file sharing and more.

Advanced Sessions

We also offer special sessions for persons migrating from Wordpress and earlier version of Joomla to Joomla 4.X as well as an advanced Joomla CMS session showing customers how to use YoothemePro Page Builder. These session are all very interactive and allow students to ask questions on any topic.

We begin with the very basics of Web Content Management Systems by explaining the architecture of such systems. We gradually bring the students through the creation, editing and deleting of content ; creation of menus ; use of modules and various extensions that will be used by the customer. All training is conducted by a instructor that has over 15 years of teaching at the College level. Sessions are focused yet paced to allow students to ask questions and receive detailed and clear answers. Each students has a computer and access to a Joomla CMS learning site. This Website remains available during the entire training period and eventually becomes the customers "live" Website. In addition to the training session, our staff are available via our Website support system to answer all your questions. Our goal as your Website provider is to provide as much information/learning as you feel is necessary for the success of your Internet site. As part of your training, we also include training on Web standards and practice. This, we feel is critical to the overall professional appearance and function of your site. We also give basic instruction of security issues as well as standard practice to avoid hacking, etc... If you are interested in training session for your staff and not our hosting/maintenance and support package, please contact us as well. This training can be customized to your requirements. Such training is available for a minimum of 3 hour sessions and can be scheduled at your location.

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