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Standard Features of your Joomla CMS Website

A Joomla Connections Website will allow you to create and maintain a site faster and easier than ever before. You will create and edit editing information in minutes and a "Connections" site let's your organization maintain the site directly. Use as many staff as you wish and even assign specific areas of the Website to specific staff. Your site will be a current as you wish. Our Web site solution of choice is Joomla Content Management System (CMS). It is widely used throughout the world by small and large Corporations, non-profits and individuals. Highly customizable yet easy to add, edit and delete content.

And, if that doesn't have your attention we give you the option of installing several commercial extension to give you added functionality.

Custom Fields

Add custom fields to content, contact forms, override fields.

Dynamic Content

Load dynamic content into your layouts and create site-wide templates for categories, tags, user and articles using the YOOtheme Pro page builder.

Media Manager

Upload and organize your images, pdf and video files right from within the editor. Re-size the images and create thumbnails as you upload your files. Drag and re-size images just like in a word processor. With Joomla version 5, you have image editing tools to crop, resize and rotate images. File system plugins connect to external file systems including Amazon S3, Dropbox or Google Drive.


Automate publishing by time stamping with day and time that you would like content to appear and disappear.

Page Builder

"Create page layouts from a collection of ready-to-use elements with static and dynamic content. A layout always consists of sections, grids and content elements that can be added and arranged with drag and drop. The layout library provides more than 100 pre-built page layouts that can be used as a starting point." Commercial templates are arguably obsolete.


The Website creates an iteration of the content you’re working on every time you hit save. Roll back to a previous version of the article.

Files & Images

Manage images, files and links as well as access the Unsplash and Pexels image library with thousands of free images.

Your website comes with an easy-to-use media manager and the integrated Joomla link picker. Images are resized automatically, and responsive images are auto-generated. Lazy loading images for a high PageSpeed score and gives you access to Unsplash and Pexels – extensive libraries of free high-quality images.

Easy Access

Edit the site from the Front-end as well as a backend interface.

Search Engine Ranking

Coding improvements, faster page loads and improved Search Engine Optimization.

Layered Access

Access Control List (ACL)

ACL is one of the most powerful features in the Joomla core system. There are many settings in this feature that allow you to manage Joomla’s site more effectively.

Commercial Extensions

As a Joomla Connections customers you can add to your site for free JCE Pro Editor, Akeeba Admin Tools and Backup, Jevents Calendar,YoothemePro Page Builder, RSForms Pro.

Electronic Forms

Create electronic versions of your paper forms. No HTML needed. Send the results of your forms to specific staff members for processing.

Private and Secure

Create an Intranet within you Website just for staff. Have special menus just for staff that only appear on the screen after that person log in to the site.

File Repository

Have a document repository to share files with your staff and customers. Post "PDF" files as well as any file format including Microsoft formats and even executable files if you wish. Access can be set for these files based on the user permission.

Privacy Consent

Allow users to consent to your privacy policy and/or terms and conditions.


Easily redirect URLs when needed.